Jun 01 2012

Cook Forest Campout was the Best

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On June 1st, the Native Dads and Daughters returned to Pennsylvania to once again enjoy what beautiful Cook Forest has to offer. Although  the weather was a bit rainy, it didn’t stop us from having lots of fun.  This time some of the tribes decided to try something different.  Instead of going canoeing down the river, they took to the forest riding wonderful horses.  While they were traveling through the woods, other tribes were riding Go-Carts and Bumper Boats or playing a good game of Miniature Golf.

At the end of the evening, all of the tribes gathered together and marched in our torch parade to the Bon Fire where a special ceremony occurred with the Old Nation Chief passing the torch to the New Nation Chief.  Afterwards we all hung around our campfires cooking up all kinds of late snacks including the kids favorite, S’mores.  Once again the spring campout was the best of the year.

Changing of the Guard