Apr 19 2012

Many Winners at this year’s Pinewood Derby

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On Thursday Evening, April 19th the Native Sons all gathered together for their annual Pinewood Derby. All the boys showed up wanting to win their races and come home with a trophy. The boys spent over an hour practicing on the double car race track.

Once dinner of Pizza, chips and soda were finished and all of the cars were weighed in, we began the races. The cars were divided into 3 age categories to be more fair. Each race was a triple elimination race. They were each given 3 stickers on their cars to guarantee that they each raced at least 3 times, a sticker to be removed if they lost a race. After each race they switched tracks and switched opponants. When only 4 remained they raced for the top 3 positions.

Trophy Winners:

K through 2nd Grade
1st Austin Erie Tribe
2nd Camden Shawnee Tribe
3rd Joey Miami Tribe

3rd Grade
1st Ben Seneca Tribe
2nd Ryan Erie Tribe
3rd Eli Seneca Tribe

4th Grade & Up
1st Jake Erie Tribe
2nd Sean Miami Tribe
3rd Blake Miami Tribe

Trophies were also given out for Most Colorful, Most Graphite, & 2 for Good Sportsmanship. Aaron from Seneca, Carter from Miami and Nathan from Shawnee, plus 1 other whose name was mistakenly left off this list.

All the boys had a great time.