Oct 01 2012

Smoke Signal (Sons) Sept-Oct 2012

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Tonka Hey Chagrin Valley Nation,

Welcome veteran and new Chiefs and Braves to the 2012-2013 year of Native Sons activities. This Smoke Signal, our traditional news letter, will be distributed periodically, quarterly and contain both an historical account of recent events and announcements for upcoming programs. Please note on your family calendar important milestone dates and registration deadlines. Please register by each deadline and or opt-out if you cannot attend. Do reach-out to your tribal Chief when you have questions. They want to hear from you. Should you have photographs from a full nation or single-tribe only event please share them by sending a select few to your Chief or to Matt Rosner, CVN Sons Nation Chief.  We will try to publish them accordingly.



RECRUITMENT: All Chagrin Valley Nation Schools (Solon, Orange, Chagrin Falls, and Kenston) had very successful recruitment efforts.  Many new braves (Fathers & Sons) have joined our Nation. All Tribes: Sioux, Miami, Seneca, Shawnee and Erie have grown. Special call-out Thank you to all Chiefs for holding individual Orientation Nights or attending several School Open Houses, and coordinating 2x distribution of fliers to our young braves families. A huge Thank you to Patrick Russo, Chief of the ERIE for designing, and coordinating the printing and distribution of the fliers.

Braves: If you have friends that still wishes to join. Please point them to our Website at www.changrinvlleynation.com to Register now.

Taking Aim..together


Wow, what a fantastic weekend was had by all 117 participants.  The kids had a blast, paint ball, shooting 22’s, rock-climbing, making candles, horse-back riding, and much time in the GaGa Pits! The giant slide was again a hit, as well as canoeing with dad, hiking in he forest, shooting a bow and arrow, playing on the beach, sitting by the fire, or eating taco’s at the lunch table. Everyone pitched in when help was needed and many discovered new interest and conversation.

The weather Friday night and Saturday during the day was picture perfect. Everyone enjoyed a long Torch Parade on the shore line of Lake Erie before a great Bon-Fire (thanks to the mighty Sioux tribe ) and a wonderful ceremony, assisted by acting Medicine Man “Scott Pitzer” of the great Miami, plus a memorable story by Story Teller: Gray Goose Garofoli of the Erie. The evening campfires roared and sparks flew high into the night sky. The day ended in tradition with Rain late at night, but Sunday morning was dry & sunny. Offering many an opportunity to get one more activity in before heading home.

Many new friendships were made and the words of the Great Spirit were heard and followed by all!


Story Telling at Bon Fire Fitch 2012Up Coming Events

NEXT:  Model Rocket Launch:

October 21st, Sunday 4:30-6 pm

This is a great event and a simple project to build.

Location: Solon Orchard Hills Elementary School

See website (chagrinvalleynation.com) for more details.


November/December Activities

– Individual tribal events: Contact your tribe Chief for Event theme & date: Information will be posted on our website ASAP


WINTER CAMP-IN — January 26, Saturday..an afternoon start – ends after breakfast Sunday, January 27th……

Location Punderson State Park, (10 min from Rt 87 & Rt 306) Sledding, Swimming, Craft Project, Entertainment, Movie, Bon-Fire+…..Sleep in the Lodge or Cottages.

Registration Opens October 15th, ends December 10th


For more information, contact your tribe Chief:

  • Sioux: Jeremy White at djwhite11@msn.com
  • Miami: Jim Tavens at jtaverns@sbcglobal.net,
  • Seneca: Howard Titlebaum at howard@titlebaumsales.com
  • Erie: Patrick Russo at patrickjrusso@yahoo.com
  • Shawnee: Todd Bracket at toddb@mac.com

More Information:   www.chagrinvalleynation.com


Jun 08 2012

Perfect Weather for Toodik Campout

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On Friday, June 8th, 2012 the Native Dads and Sons headed for one of their favorite places for their Spring Campout. Camp Toodik was located in Loudonville, Ohio on the Mohican River where we camped out for 2 nights with the most perfect camping weather. We all pitched our tents and cooked out by the campfire.

The Mohican is known for their canoeing and that is what we all did. On Saturday we all travelled down the 7 mile Stretch leaving from Mohican Adventures. The river was full of life and non stop canoes, kayaks and rafts floating down its expanse. Along the way there were crazy rafts and pit stop restaurants.

After Canoeing most of us headed for the Go-Cart Track or the 3 course Miniature Golf also at Mohican Adventures. Later we all arrived back at Toodik and cooked up a great dinner as the boys all went swimming in Toodik’s Pool. When it started getting dark we held our famous Torch Parade and marched out to the Bon Fire where we inducted some new Chiefs. This event is still the most favorite by all of our members.

May 19 2012

Dreams of Race Car Driving

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On Saturday Night the Native Dads and Sons headed to the Painesville Speedway to see what it’s like to be a Race Car Driver.  With each race the excitement grew and everyone waiting to see who could pass the lead car or which cars would spin out.  When the Green flag dropped the cars were off and its not until the checkered flag do we find the winner.  Everyone was amazed at how young some of the drivers were.  There was a 17 year old who won over a dozen of races last year.  Also there was a 16 year old who won his race and then finally a 14 year came out racing and took second place.  We didn’t know you didn’t need a driver’s licence to race.

At intermission they had a Big Wheels race with all of these little kids racing around the track and then they opened up the gates and let all the kids in with a chance to win some prizes.  Our boys will always remember this event, for what little kid doesn’t imagine getting behind the wheels of a race car and winning the race.

Apr 19 2012

Many Winners at this year’s Pinewood Derby

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On Thursday Evening, April 19th the Native Sons all gathered together for their annual Pinewood Derby. All the boys showed up wanting to win their races and come home with a trophy. The boys spent over an hour practicing on the double car race track.

Once dinner of Pizza, chips and soda were finished and all of the cars were weighed in, we began the races. The cars were divided into 3 age categories to be more fair. Each race was a triple elimination race. They were each given 3 stickers on their cars to guarantee that they each raced at least 3 times, a sticker to be removed if they lost a race. After each race they switched tracks and switched opponants. When only 4 remained they raced for the top 3 positions.

Trophy Winners:

K through 2nd Grade
1st Austin Erie Tribe
2nd Camden Shawnee Tribe
3rd Joey Miami Tribe

3rd Grade
1st Ben Seneca Tribe
2nd Ryan Erie Tribe
3rd Eli Seneca Tribe

4th Grade & Up
1st Jake Erie Tribe
2nd Sean Miami Tribe
3rd Blake Miami Tribe

Trophies were also given out for Most Colorful, Most Graphite, & 2 for Good Sportsmanship. Aaron from Seneca, Carter from Miami and Nathan from Shawnee, plus 1 other whose name was mistakenly left off this list.

All the boys had a great time.

Mar 18 2012

Bowling Adventure

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On Sunday March 18th the Native Dads and Sons and their families headed to Roseland Lanes for a real adventure in Bowling. We were all trying hard to get strikes and spares to win the day. Half way through the event we all got to eat pizza and ice cream. Just when the fun started to slow down, raffle ticket numbers were called and prizes were awarded. Everyone had a great time. Check out these pictures.

Feb 11 2012

Vikings Lose but Native Sons Win

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On Saturday Morning February 11th, at the Wolstein Center, the Native Dads and Sons got to see a great game between 2 rival college basketball teams. At half time the Cleveland State Vikings were losing by 10 points to the Butler Bulldogs. During the second half of the game the Vikings kicked butt and even took the lead. Unfortunately, by the end of the game they lost by 3 points.

Why did the Native Sons win you say? Before the game the boys had the opportunity to get onto the court and sing the National Anthem along with all the Cheerleaders. But the real surprise was that there was a kids zone setup while we waited and all the boys got to participate in lots of fun activities. They even had a magician and a balloonist creating all kinds of fun balloons.

We all had a terrific time.

Jan 28 2012

Winter Camping is the Best

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On January 28, 2012 the Native Dads and Sons headed once again to Punderson State Park. The boys went sledding and swimming and had tons of fun. Rick Smith Jr., Extrodinaire Magician put on a terrific show. Those that stayed in the Lodge got to watch a really late night movie and those that stayed in the cabins played games and all had a blast.

This is such a great event that we will continue to keep bringing it back every year.

Dec 18 2011

Snow Days was Awesome

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On Sunday, December 18th, 2011, both the Native Sons and Native daughters along with their families headed to Snow Days at the Cleveland Indian’s Stadium. This is the second winter that the Cleveland Indians transformed their arena into a Winter Wonderland. This year, along with their 8 Chute Tubing Hill and Ice Skating Track, they added a Full Sized Ice Skating Rink. Also they included an indoor gameroom with free Playstation games for the kids and a chance to sit on Santa Sliders Lap.

All the kids had an awesome time including the dads and moms. The only problem was trying to decide which activity to do first. Thanks to Joel Leavitt and the Flying Squirrels for hosting and executing this great event.

Nov 19 2011

Monsters vs Native Sons

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On Saturday evening November 19 the Native Sons attended a Lake Erie Monster’s game.  The game was a blast and the Monsters won.  The kids had a great time watching the game and also playing broom hockey between the 1st and 2nd period.  They played for a packed house (most I have ever seen for a hockey game).  The parents got to watch the kids play from the visitors bench so we had front row seats.


Thanks to Ritch Lewis and the Iroquois for hosting this event and for Scott Pitzer for helping the boys on the Ice.


Sep 30 2011

Y-Noah Weather Unpredictable

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On Friday September 30th, the Native Dads and Sons returned to Camp Y-Noah for their semiannual Fall Campout.  While it was raining here in Solon, the weather was dry in Akron.  However, it did rain all morning on Saturday, but that didn’t stop us.  We all did activities that were covered by shelters like Archery, BB’s and Arts & Crafts and Tie Dying.  When the weather cleared we were able to go Boating, Horseback Riding and this year they added a zip line to the Rockwall which was a cool way to get back down once you make that climb.

In the evening we got to share the Bon Fire with another Native Sons & Daughters Nation (2 Feathers Longhouse).  It was hard to predict which Nation Chief, Sachem, or Medicine Man were going to speak.  Even a couple of our boys got to take part in the ceremony.  Once the ceremony was over we headed to Kastner Hall to listen to a great Indian Story by “Grey Goose” our Medicine Man.  After that Y-Noah put on a song & skit show while we all chowed down on Brownies and Juice.  2 Feathers Nation got to join us for the entertainment.

Later on we all hung out by the campfires and cooked s’mores on all kinds of food.  Thanks to Foxes for supplying us with kerosene for torches.  Next year we will be heading to Camp Fitch near Erie, Pa.

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